Yet another high-level official in the administration Minnesota Governor Tim Walz has resigned under fishy circumstances. 

Sarah Walker, the Deputy Commissioner for the Department of Corrections and a former DFL lobbyist resigned from her position.

Walz administration is already under fire, and these sudden resignations only hint to the rest of Minnesota that there is something more going on here and that Walz cannot lead our state properly. He was too incompetent to lead and now he is too incompetent to speak the truth and put an end to this sudden and secretive drama.

Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) Commissioner Tony Lourey resigned after just six months on the job for unknown reasons. Faye K. Bernstein, a compliance officer at the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) said she was the victim of retaliation after she raised questions regarding the legality of contracts. These peculiar incidents paired with other odd resignations from recent history.

Our state is not functioning properly under Walz. His incompetence is overwhelming.

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