Preserving Economic Prosperity

We are driven to educate the public about conservative principles and elect candidates who support these principles.

Who We Are

The Freedom Club aims to restore just and limited government, while preserving economic prosperity for all.  Our membership consists of CEO’s, business owners, attorneys, accountants, entrepreneurs, bankers, civic leaders and more.  We all share the common desire to make Minnesota and the United States the best place to live, work and raise a family for our generation and many more to come.

The Freedom Club is a 501c4 non-profit corporation organized to educate the public about conservative principles and economic prosperity.  Our members understand the impact of out-of-control wasteful government spending, high taxes, burdensome regulation and big government.  That is why we support the following principles:

Smaller Government

Lower Taxes

Less Spending

Freedom of Employment

Election Integrity

Member Benefits

Exclusive Access to Candidates & Lawmakers

Freedom Club Members meet once a month at an exclusive members-only lunch to hear from current and future candidates and top legislative leaders. Members help us decide which candidates we support and get elected.

Best Stewardship

Your dollar goes further with Freedom Club than with any other group. Money raised by the Freedom Club is used to elect Conservatives and educate the public about conservative candidates and issues. Freedom Club is transparent with finances to all members.

Year-Round Activity

Unlike other political groups, Freedom Club works year-round to support conservatives and conservative causes. Freedom Club runs digital, broadcast, and radio ads, and has paid organizers speaking directly with voters every day of the year. Freedom Club is the most successful conservative organization in Minnesota.

Most Influencial Political Group in Minnesota

More than just the most successful conservative organization in Minnesota, members of the Freedom Club are consistently recognized as the most effective and powerful conservative individuals. 


Action Center

Making sure your voice is heard is fundamental in ensuring change is made in Minnesota. The Freedom Club Action Center is where you can join us in advocating for the conservative causes that matter most to our state.

Our History

Created nearly 20 years ago to spread the conservative message while supporting conservative candidates for state and federal office, Freedom Club has supported hundreds of candidates and has been instrumental in electing Republicans in Minnesota.

Freedom Club is instrumental in educating Minnesotans about conservative principles, but also has influence nationally, as candidates and groups from across the nation make it a priority to visit with Freedom Club when they are in Minnesota.

Join Freedom Club Today.

Freedom Club is the premier non-profit organization making a difference in Minnesota.  Not only do our members talk about the problems facing our state and nation, but we also put our money where our mouth is and lead the way.