MN Governor Tim Walz has an upsetting lack of transparency.

Something fishy is happening with MN Governor Tim Walz. The head of the biggest agency in Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Tony Lourey, resigned. Lourey previously stated he was honored to take on that job, but now has said a new leader was necessary to execute Walz’s vision. This comes less than six months after taking the position.

When asked about it, Walz sidestepped the question, as he always does.

This is just one instance of many where Tim Walz has shown a great lack of transparency. Minnesota Democrats need to put the people first, not their careers. Democrats have not shown any willingness to be honest, they just repeatedly show their incompetence, and Tim Walz is leading them in this. The facts about this resignation will come out, and then the Democrat selfish conspiracies will be out in the daylight for all to see. Walz needs to show Minnesotans what is going on. It is what we deserve.

While trying to avoid drama, Walz has strayed far from his campaign. He is putting Minnesotans last, and himself first. His behavior is slimy and unacceptable.

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