More incompetence in Democrat based leadership in Minnesota has been exposed, as more information unfolds about the Department of Human Services.

Faye K. Bernstein, a compliance officer at the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) said she was the victim of retaliation after she raised questions regarding the legality of contracts.

Berstein said she was verbally reprimanded and sidelined from her duties after she pointed out “serious non-compliance issues” with a group of contracts approved by leaders in the agency.

“I am aware of substandard and noncompliant contracts approved by management to go out the door, putting DHS funds at risk and impeding client services,” Bernstein wrote in an e-mail to all the employees in her division.

After the message was sent,  Bernstein was escorted out of the DHS central office and has not been allowed to return. She technically retains employment.

This event follows Commissioner Tony Lourey resigning abruptly from the Department, following the resignations of his top two deputies. The agency’s chief of staff also resigned. No definitive reasons have been given for the resignations, all we know is the DHS is in chaos, and it is obviously due to the incompetence from leader Tim Walz and his fellow Democrats.

The reports of disarray at the DHS are proof of poor Democrat leadership. An employee warned of wrongdoings and was reprimanded, and multiple people have suddenly resigned only lead us to believe there is something going on that Walz won’t tell us. Minnesotans deserve to know what is going on, but Walz remains silent. We will get the truth as the facts come in, and at the rate, it is happening now, it does not look good for the Democrats.

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