The chaos at the Minnesota Department of Human Services continues as two tribes have been severely overpaid by the State Government.

The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe and the White Earth Nation received approximately $25 million to provide an opioid substitute to treat opioid addicts. The tribes billed the state’s Medicaid insurance program for the more expensive in-person visits when the substitute was actually being self-administered.

Minnesota owes the federal government for the incorrect payments. While they are trying to get the money from the tribes, who are required to reimburse it, but it is more than likely that the money has already been spent. 

This news comes after a slew of chaos at the Department of Human Services. DHS Commissioner Tony Lourey resigned six months after taking the position. Faye K. Bernstein, a compliance officer at the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) said she was the victim of retaliation after she raised questions regarding the legality of contracts. These peculiar incidents are paired with other odd resignations from recent history.  This combined with the fraud investigation with a Daycare provider has our state in chaos.

Governor Walz’s time as Governor is peculiarly messy. He needs to clean up our state before every department goes into chaos. Walz lets this chaos continue without telling Minnesotans the truth.  

 Minnesota is going to be held responsible for the mistakes made with the tribes. We deserve to know what is going on before we are too hurt.

It is obvious that there is more going on than what we are being told. As more and more corruption and mistakes are uncovered, the more we know Gov. Walz is hiding something from us.

Tim Walz needs to tell Minnesotans what is going on. It is time to demand the truth from Governor Tim Walz. Sign this petition to let him know you want answers!

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