Ellison and Omar Defend Comparing US Immigration Policies to WWII Nazi Concentration Camps

Minnesota’s Attorney General, Democrat Keith Ellison and Democrat Ilhan Omar of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District have not put Minnesotans first in a long time. Ellison used taxpayer money to support an attack on religious liberty, and Omar time and time again has proved to be an embarrassment for Minnesota.

Now they have gone even further. They are supporting Alexandra Ocasio Cortez in her ridiculous comments claiming that the US uses Concentration Camps at the Southern border as the Nazis’ did in World War Two.

Not only is this statement pure lies and ludicrous, but it is also horribly offense to all those who suffered in the real Concentration Camps during the Second World War.

We need Democrats to help us solve the crisis on the border, not compare it with one of the evilest acts in all of human history.

Minnesota Democrats are twisting reality, and disrespecting history, so they can continue a narrative of hate against our president.

We cannot stand for this. Keith Ellison and Ilhan Omar, this is not acceptable.

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