After an investigation, it has been revealed that Ilhan Omar of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District broke state campaign finance law.

The Minnesota Campaign Finance Board determined Omar misused some of her campaign funds. Instead of being used for her campaign the money went towards, filing her taxes, her personal travel, and work on her immigration documents.

That money was given to her because people believed in her and wanted her to represent them well. Omar has not only embarrassed our state countless times, now she has let down the people who invested in her. It seems like the only person Ilhan Omar cares about is herself. If she really cared about her constituents, she would represent them better, and use her investors money in the way it was intended; to better Minnesota.

This whole situation is disheartening, but also humorous. Democrats want to investigate every aspect of President Trump’s finances, claiming he is corrupt, while they themselves have shady money transactions they should be worried about.

Uncovering the truth about Ilhan Omar breaking campaign finance law, is just the first step to uprooting all of the Democrats’ lies.

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