Ilhan Omar’s crazy radical ideas are not new. What is crazy is Democrats coming out and supporting her. Minnesota Democrats are guilty of this, for example, Collin Peterson has put up with her anti-Semitic behavior but now more Democrats are backing her ridiculous notion to abolish ICE. Immigration Customs Enforcement plays a crucial role in keeping our country safe and upholding our laws, and Democrats that join Omar’s side and are in favor of abolishing it are out of their minds. Recently Bill de Blois, mayor of New York City, came out in support of abolishing ICE. Now our eyes turn to our Minnesota Representatives and ask if they will back her on this too.

Collin Peterson, of Minnesota’s 7th Congressional district, has actually supported funding the border wall and is not in support of abolishing ICE. Angie Craig, of Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional district, was against abolishing ICE. She is on record saying, “I do not believe the answer to fixing our immigration system is abolishing ICE”. In his true fashion, Dean Phillips did not have enough of a backbone to spit out a direct answer, but he has alluded to the idea that he is against abolishing ICE. We can only hope that these representatives stand strong, and fight against their peers who want to put our country at a great loss by abolishing ice.

Minnesotans are tired of being embarrassed by Ilhan Omar and the Democrats who stand with her. If Dean Phillis, Angie Craig, Collin Peterson, and other Minnesotan Congressional Representatives are smart they wouldn’t go near Omar or her radical ideas with a ten-foot pole. Omar’s radical opinions are not good for Minnesota. With Ilahn Omar gaining support, hopefully, Minnesota Democrats will put us, their constituents, before radical ideas and Ilhan Omar.

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