Collin Peterson supports antisemite Ilhan Omar, and it is time to tell him, “No more!”

Ilhan Omar represents the 5th congressional district of Minnesota. She was elected in 2018 and serves on the House of Foreign Affairs Committee. Omar is a proven anti-semite and socialist. She is no friend of the American people and continuously makes antisemitic comments.

She is infamous for saying 9/11 was an incident where “some people did something,” Most Americans were in shock and horror at her words, except for Congressman Collin Peterson from Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District. He should have been quick to condemn her words, but instead, he jumped to defend her. He said “I don’t know that she meant what some people have taken out of that… I think she was trying to say that some people in her community feel like they’re being targeted.”

Peterson seems to never come to the defense of America but always comes to the defense of Omar. When Vice President Mike Pence, called on Democrats to remove Omar from the House of Foreign Affairs Committee, Peterson remained silent. He sits by her side, doing nothing. He supports an anti-semite.

We cannot let this kind of behavior from our Congressmen continue. Peterson is just one of many Minnesotan Democrats who refuse to distance themselves from Omar and her antisemitic ways.

If Peterson was really a man of the people and cared about Minnesotans, he would stand up to Omar, and work to remove her from the House of Foreign Affairs Committee. With a new election season on the horizon, it is time to send the message to Minnesota Democrats like Collin Peterson, that supporting the horrible behavior of Ilhan Omar, is unacceptable!

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