A federal indictment was recently filed against a daycare service provider, continuing to expose the corruption at the Department of Human Services. 

The two individuals charged, Fayal Sayid and Muhumen Ali, operated the Meisa Group where they provide Minnesotans enrolled in the Medicaid program with adult daycare services. Sayid and Ali used the Meisa Group’s account funds for personal luxuries like travel, automobiles, and entertainment. 

The two also falsified the Mesia group’s profit and loss statements, created false invoices, and did not report nor pay individual income taxes.

Sayid and Ali are charged with separate accounts of conspiracy to defraud the United States and multiple counts of income tax evasion.

It seems like the only reason this kind of corruption went unchecked for so long is a lack of leadership and guidance from higher up.

Corruption like this is extremely concerning. Not only did it go unchecked for so long, but the level of expenses makes one wonder if they were even able to provide any sort of care. This project was supervised by The Department of Human Services. The Department of Human Services has come under heavy fire as sudden resignations seem to point out a deep level of corruption. This corruption with the Mesia Group only adds to that idea.

The chaos happening at the DHS is highlighting Governor Tim Walz’s incompetence, and inability to lead. It is time for him to come clean about what is happening. Maybe then the chaos could end.

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