Tonight the infamous St. Louis Park City Council will meet to discuss their ban on the Pledge of Allegiance from their meetings and will take comments from the community.

Previously, the council unanimously decided to stop saying the pledge at their meetings, saying they did not want to offend any of the diverse members in the community. This decision was rightly met with outrage. They hosted a second meeting to continue their discussion on banning the pledge. Patriotic protestors showed up to show their support for the Pledge. The council did not take time to listen to the concerns of these dutiful Americans, but they did decide to host another meeting to hear from the community.

The Democrat council has decided that diversity is more important than our unity. The Pledge of Allegiance brings us together as a nation. The Pledge promises, liberty and justice for all. How is that offensive?

Tonight the council will be taking comments from the public. If there was ever a time to stand up for our country, and fight for our American values this is the time! You can find out more information on the event on the event’s Facebook page.

Standing up for the Pledge is standing up for American values. We will not let Democrats destroy all that makes America so great! Sign the petition and let the Democrats of Minnesota know that this behavior is unacceptable!

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