St. Louis Park’s City Council continues to ban the Pledge of Allegiance after citizens have a peaceful protest during their meeting.

Yesterday the council meeting was overflowing with Americans there to protest banning the pledge. Men, women, U.S. Veterans, and children all went to support our nation, and to support the fundamental idea that we, as American citizens, owe our loyalty to our Country.

They held flags, and recited the pledge when the council did not.

“We need to keep our focus on the issues that matter” stated one councilwoman during the meeting. She, like her colleagues, cannot wrap their heads around why this would be upsetting. The council members cited working on climate change as an important focus, and aim to uphold “real patriotism”. Supporting our Country is not real Patriotism according to these Democrats.

The council originally banned the pledge to create a more welcoming environment. They stated that some members of the diverse population would be offended by the pledge. 

The Democrats are trying to destroy America, by catering to differences in citizens. Each American has a different story and background. At the end of the day what brings us together, is that we live in the great United States of America. It is what unifies us. Our country deserves our allegiance, and as citizens, we stand united under our Flag.

Democrats do not want that. They want a country of division and chaos. It seems like they are playing a game of who hates America the most. It is a sad time to be a Democrat. We live in a great nation, one full of freedoms and liberties, unlike any other country. We must fight for this great nation. Democrats have made it clear that they do not want to fight for our country, they would rather destroy it. If we do not fight this fight our country will be lost.

Saint Louis Park City Council will hold another meeting to allow community input on the matter. It is time to stand up for our nation because Democrats have made it clear, that they will not.

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