MN Democrats have been taxing Minnesotans to death. Recently our state has been ranked as one of the least tax-friendly states in the country. Taking our money in taxes has major consequences.

One of the newest consequences is the loss of Fleet Farm Headquarters. Fleet Farm announced that they will move its headquarters from Brainerd Minnesota to Appleton, Wisconsin.

Democrats have been turning to us, their constituents, to pay for their pet projects, for far too long. It is time for them to stop reaching into our wallets. These actions have consequences, Minnesota is losing important jobs, and businesses.

Democrats need to stop taking our money, they need to stop running businesses out of our state, and they need to stop being elected. 

Elections are on the horizon. Use your vote to kick these thieves out of office. Until then, sign our petition, and let Democrats know you will not stand for their wasteful use of your hard earned money!

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