Minnesotans are being taxed to death. Up to 40% of citizens do not have a deep form of savings to handle unexpected issues in life, and even less have life insurance. Many citizens cannot afford to die and indigent burial costs are increasing as county governments are having to budget more every year for burials for folks who cannot afford it. 

Democrats are thoroughly comfortable with the system they have set up, where they simply tax us to the point where we cannot afford to live and to die. 

Democrats are using Minnesotans as the means to their ends. No matter how crazy the idea, and what it might cost us, they want to propose a new idea, to make themselves more money. Democrats have tried it all from the  Green New Deal, to the Gas Tax and the Sick Tax, Democrats see us and see dollar signs.

This selfish mindset is affecting us at all stages of our lives. We need to put an end to it. With the 2020 elections on the near horizon, we have a chance to change our lives and be more than just the ATM Machines funding the careers of crooked Democrats. We need to vote democrats out!

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