Minnesota Governor Tim Walz recently declared an executive order to form a climate change subcabinet.

By doing so he made it painfully obvious that he does not care about Minnesotans. He does not care what happens to us as long as the progressives in Washington like what he is doing.

This committee is not only selfish, but it is not going to be helpful. 

Instead of focusing on actual solutions this committee will pester farmers and other Minnesotans to sacrifice their income and way of life for the sake of climate change. An actual solution would be investing in nuclear power, but Walz is not placing a priority on this.

The evidence keeps piling up, proving that Governor Walz is not actually taking action to solve climate change, but rather, he is taking action to appease the leftist progressive monsters that run wild in The Swamp.

Republican Senator and GOP Energy Chair, David Osmek spoke out against Walz’s selfish actions saying: “Walz announced another initiative that goes against his promise to residents to lead Minnesota collaboratively under the banner of “One Minnesota…Rather than create a group think situation, Walz’s should include Republicans, industry experts, and residents from across the state to cultivate ideas and solutions. GOP need not apply is not the solution.”

Osmek is right. Walz needs to look out for Minnesota. Allowing different Minnesotan perspectives on these issues is the only way to make this progressive hoopla semi-useful. 

Walz is wasting time and money to fund his pet project. He not considering real solutions and he is not considering outside opinions. Walz is simply not governing well. He does not have the people in mind. We all need to be like Senator Osmek and call out Governor Walz for his bad leadership.

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