Just last week, the Minnesota Democrats allowed a member of their party to disrespected the U.S. Military. It seems unbelievable, but it has happened again.

Republican Tom Emmer, of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, recently tweeted congratulating his son (who is pictured above) on completing basic training and becoming a U.S. Marine, which is no small feat.

Prominent Democratic Staffer William Davis replied to the post, tweeting, “Can’t wait to hear about all the Iranian civilians he murdered after you and the GOP finish the garbage kabuki theatre false flags and invade Iran”. This young man achieved something great and has decided to put his life on the line for our Country. He has earned at least a tone of respect, but Davis has twisted this great event into a political javelin he is distastefully trying to throw at the GOP.

How can the DFL allow Davis to disrespect the military again! The Democrats are continually supporting those who are attacking our military with an absurd tone of disrespect. Davis received no backlash from the party itself but did resign from his position after this incident.

The Democratic Party is the self-proclaimed party of tolerance, yet time and time again the members of the party show hate, specifically towards the men and women who put their lives on the line for our country.

It is incredulous that they allow this hate to spread. The Minnesota Democrats need to put an end to their hate.

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