Minnesota Democrats are siding with an aggressive employee of theirs instead of sticking up for veterans.

Minnesota Democrat Party Deputy Communications Director William Davis recently tweeted about his feelings on the new U.S. naval ship, named after Minnesota, the USS Minneapolis- St Paul. Davis tweeted, “I think it is gross that they are using the name of our fine cities for a murder boat”.

Davis is no stranger to ridiculous comments. Previously he called for the death of Republicans, earning him only a seven-day suspension from the party.

Davis has attacked Republicans, but now he has gone after the noble U.S. Navy. Any decent organization would have rid themselves of someone so beyond crude, but the Minnesota Democrats won’t let Davis go. It is shameful that Democrats put up with someone who has insulted our nation’s heroes.

The Democrat party is showing their true colors by keeping Davis employed. He is just one example of the horrid things Democrats believe in and are willing to put up with. It is time to stop them.

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