Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar entered the 2020 Presidential Race. With two rounds of debates under her belt, while vying for the Democrat Nomination, Amy has painted a pretty good picture of what life would be like if she was President of the United States. 

During Tuesday’s debate, Klobuchar made a point to say, “I have bold ideas but they are grounded in reality”, trying to emphasize her place as a moderate candidate. While she is not as far left as some of the other candidates, Klobuchar is by no means middle ground between the Left and the Right.

Looking at her stance on Abortion, it is obvious that Klobucar is no moderate. Amy fails to see the distinct value of human life in her radical pro-choice stance. Klobuchar supports abortion at any stage, even after the moment of birth.  With her as President, the fight for life would become a greater war than it has been. Those most affected by Amy’s radical ideas on Abortion are those who would not get the chance to live outside the womb. Amy is okay with the idea that some lives just don’t have the right to be lived. It is upsetting to see a potential leader of America be so okay with the horrible murderous nature of abortion.

Not only does she take a radical position, but Amy also supports the continued increase of government involvement in healthcare. She does not bat an eye to the idea that the government should grow, and that it needs to take on more than it should. This kind of advocacy for big government policy only opens the doors to corruption and will make going to the doctor like going to the DMV. If Klobuchar really cared about Americans, she would realize the harm this kind of policy could cause.

Amy also stands firmly against border security. There is obviously a crisis at the border. Standing against border security does not help that crisis, it only prolongs the pain. Allowing people to enter our country illegally not only causes harm to the current legal citizens, but it also makes a mockery of our nation’s laws. If Klobuchar is not willing to uphold fundamental policies, like immigration laws, what other laws will she also choose to not uphold? 

Minnesota Senator, Amy Klobuchar is vying for the Democrat Nomination in the 2020 Presidential Election. During this time, she has claimed to be based in reality and fall as a moderate. Looking into her beliefs proves this wrong. Life with Klobichar as President would be radical, filled with corruption, and basically lawless.

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