Minneapolis’ decision to disband police has created a movement spanning the nation.  Many Democrats including Joe Biden have romanticized the idea of defunding police departments.  They ought to look no further than Minneapolis to observe the fallout of that decision. 

     Two months ago, Mayor Jacob Frey announced that giving up Minneapolis’ 3rd precinct was done to prevent more injury and deaths.  But of course with an entire precinct gone, violence has increased.  Homicide rates have significantly increased from this time last year in the city.  Director of Minneapolis Office of Violence Prevention Sasha Cotton says much like a pandemic, violence is a “contagious” situation. 

     After the looting of Minneapolis in May, a body was recently found in the wreckage.  Inside of a burned pawn shop, a man was discovered.  The unidentified man is one of many victims who were killed during nationwide rioting.  In addition to casualties of the riots, at least $55 million dollars of damage was done to the city.  In response, Democrats have suggested millions are raised through taxes, but still leave  residents vulnerable without a police force. 

     Despite the insurrection caused, other cities have followed suit to disband their police.  Democratic St. Paul mayor, Melvin Carter is prepared to cut $9.2 million dollars from police funding.  St. Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell has already asked the mayor to reconsider the decision.  Axtell states, “I know this is a hit to our collective soul, especially given the crime trends we’re seeing, the ever-increasing calls for service and the needs of the city”.

     Even presidential candidate Joe Biden has called for America’s police to be defunded.  Biden and other radical leftist have expressed their opposition to the over 800,00 men and women who work to protect us.  Given rising crime rates, this movement will in fact harm more people than it seeks to protect.  Ask your representatives to support the police.  You can petition here to let them know where you stand. 

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