Last night the St. Louis Park City Council listened to our voices and unanimously voted to bring back the Pledge of Allegiance at their meetings. Our patriotic voices were heard and we won!

Prior to the meeting, the street outside the City Hall was filled with Patriots waving flags and holding banners all in support of our Pledge. Dozens of petitions were delivered to the City Council with hundreds of signatures from people who wanted to keep the Pledge of Allegiance at the meetings.

The meeting was intense and filled with great hope. Patriots from the community gathered to be heard as they voiced support for our country.

True Patriots applied pressure and used their voice to convince the Democrats of the City Council to rethink their decision and let go of their unamerican agenda.

This is one great victory that should fuel us to work hard in the upcoming election season. We have proof that if we work hard, we can get results, and better our nation! In this next election cycle, you can continue to make your voice heard by volunteering as a door knocker or phone banker, spread the word to your friends about the qualities that make good candidates, and most importantly by voting for those candidates who really do have America’s best interests at heart.

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