Governor Walz is trying to impose California car mandates on Minnesota, despite there being little pros and numerous harmful cons to implementing it.

Walz is playing his part as a Democrat dummy. He is following along in the progressive agenda as he tries to advocate for consumer choice by limiting consumer options all in the name of ending climate change.

The land of Lefty nut jobs (California) is currently forcing carmakers to have 15.4% of their fleet be Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEV). Failure to meet this standard results in the loss of ability to be able to sell any vehicles in the state (which has one of the largest markets for cars in the nation). 

In the name of personal choice and variety, the state is forcing companies to play into their climate change agenda. The facts and evidence do not match the mandates, leading to some real heavy consequences for the citizens of the state.

Zero Emission cars are not profitable. This forces carmakers to hike up prices on their other vehicles to make up for this mandatory loss of profit. This raises the cost of living for many. 

Walz wants to implement these mandates in Minnesota to allow for more options, but in reality, he would be holding the car market hostage. Forcing the hand of car companies when it comes to pricing is not helping Minnesota. 

Walz is masking this idea as adding choice to the market while he is really pushing the progressive climate-based agenda onto the state. Walz is trying to stand next to the other leftist big whigs by doing adding this progressive and woke policy to Minnesota. 

When we look at the facts, it becomes painfully obvious that Walz is just acting in vain. The evidence does not support his claim. 

The data shows that regulations like these have had very little effect on ending global warming. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has reported that Minnesota’s air quality fits within some of the strictest standards in the nation. Minnesota does not need to prioritize air quality, we are already doing great. So why is Walz so motivated to subscribe Minnesota to the progressive agenda that harms us?

Walz is striving for popularity with progressives. To do this he is willing to ignore the facts and sacrifice Minnesota. These regulations are merely a stepping stone Walz is trying to get to on the road to the progressive take over of the nation.

If Governor Walz cannot see that his strive for progressivism is going to hurt Minnesota’s economy and is not going to stop global warming, then he is too incompetent to be leading our state. Walz is supposed to be helping the people of Minnesota, not kissing up to the progressive in Washington. How can he not see that this is unacceptable?

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