Marine veteran, Tyler Kistner is running for Minnesota’s 2nd congressional seat.  Kistner has recently challenged his opponent, Angie Craig to see if she still supports Kamala Harris and the Minnesota Freedom Fund.  Harris, Biden, and other leading Democrats have bankrolled the Minnesota Freedom Fund- an organization which bails out violent criminals.

     Kistner  states, “To no one’s surprise, the Democrats’ presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has selected a far-left radical as his running mate. Kamala Harris has supported some very extreme policies in the past. She has even bankrolled the so-called Minnesota Freedom Fund, a group that has posted bail for some very dangerous and violent criminals right here in our own backyard.”

     Biden and Harris generously supported the bail payments of many violent criminals during Minneapolis’ riots.  Incumbent congresswoman, Angie Craig has stood by the candidates and their actions.  Kistner asked the pressing question, “I’m calling on Congresswoman Angie Craig to answer this question, does she support Kamala Harris in her efforts to raise money for a group that is putting murderers, rapists, and violent criminals back on Minnesota’s streets?”.

     The Minnesota Freedom Club became hugely popular with the uncontrolled riots of Minneapolis.  Radical politicians and elites like Harris helped supply $35 million dollars to the organization this spring.  Among the people who receive bail payouts are murders and sex offenders.  In several cases, MFF paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to bail out known rapists and killers.

     Kistner has run on a clear platform of supporting law and order in Minnesota.  He has been an outspoken supporter of Minnesota’s police officers and denounced radicals.  His opponent Craig on the other hand, has played along with the left’s extremists. 

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