Over the course of two weeks, the protests for George Floyd have turned increasingly violent.  Rioters and looters have obliterated businesses, infrastructure, and caused harm to police officers.  Looking to our presidential candidates, Trump and Biden have had drastically different responses and leadership.  While President Trump has firmly sought to maintain law and order; Joe Biden has helped violent criminals continue in their destruction. 

     The President stated, “We will stand with the family of George Floyd, with the peaceful protestors, and with law-abiding citizens”.  Trump has acted quickly to prepare military police, if states are in need of their protection.  He has also not been afraid to take defensive action against the riots across the nation.  Unlike Joe Biden- who waited through a week of destruction to decry acts of violence. 

     In his efforts to protect law-abiding citizens- President Trump has still received backlash from the media over false claims of racism.  No matter how many times Trump may say he supports peaceful protests- the corrupted media will continue to make shallow claims.  Looking at the President’s track record- he has accomplished more for the black community than any president in recent years.  Historically Black Universities and Colleges have applauded him for his great support.  He has enacted transformative changes to criminal justice.  And lastly, black unemployment and poverty rates have been lower than ever before.

     His announcement to defend law and order has arrived in light of Joe Biden supporting rioters.  It is unacceptable that a president-hopeful like Biden could stand against the protection of our great cities.  Instead of using his platform to promote peace and justice, Biden paid groups like Minnesota Freedom Fund to release anarchists. 

     A peaceful cry for justice has been hijacked by the likes of Antifa and domestic terrorists. Officers have been killed in protest.  Cities like Minneapolis are being destroyed.  We must demand that our leaders do more to protect this great country.


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