The growing American economy has defied the expectations of many.  Under President Trump, the US economy has bounced back much sooner than anticipated.  Since the halt in growth from coronavirus, millions of jobs have been created and consumer confidence has risen with reopening of the economy.  The left has made sure that this victory for the American people has been overshadowed with more fake news of Trump. 

     Originally, 7.5 million more jobs were expected to be lost due to economic shutdowns.  Instead over 4.8 million  jobs have been added this June.  This is the highest recorded job growth for one month in American history.  Rising unemployment rates have also dropped once again.  Now, national unemployment rates sit at 11.1%.  This rebound in the labor market was made possible by Trump and supporting representatives’ push to reopen the nation. 

     Additionally, the consumer confidence index has risen to 98.1% for the month of June.  The Conference Board reports this increase of optimism has come with loosened stay-at-home orders and fewer regulations.  The stock market is now functioning with the best gains seen in 20 years.  In the second quarter of this year, the Dow Jones grew 18%- another record breaking number for this century.  

     Under the Trump administration, the American economy reached record highs.  Post shutdowns, the US is returning to that trajectory.  Under new presidential leadership- this streak of success cannot be expected to continue.  By looking at Joe Biden’s past, it is evident he will not make deals to benefit the American people.  Current success under the Trump Administration has occurred by ruling out Obama-Biden aged trade deals and regulations. 

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