With America reopening, President Trump has been a great advocate for schools to open again.  The president has supported in-person schooling for optimal education and care of children.  With medical doctors in approval, only the left stands in the way of Trump’s plan to help America’s children.  

     Trump states, “We believe many school districts can now reopen safely, provided they implement mitigation measures and health protocols to protect families, protect teachers, and to protect students”.  Scientists have affirmed that children are at extremely low risk of contracting serious illness with covid-19.  

     The American Academy of Pediatrics agrees that children and adolescents must return to school.  The AAP has found school closures to have “substantial impact on food security and physical activity for children and families”.  Moreover, the AAP found in-person classes would reduce kid’s risk of drug addiction, abuse, and suicide. 

     In order to ensure the safety of America’s young students, the Trump administration has called for extensive policies to be made.  The CDC has already created guidelines for teachers to follow and how to protect their school.  The president has also requested congress to pass $70 billion dollars onto schools.  This funding would be used to incentivize safe reopenings.  

     Even more, the president has called congress to pass the School Choice Now Act.  The act includes scholarships to provide students with resources to choose the best schooling system for them.  Before school starts, President Trump has worked to provide millions of reusable masks for school communities. 

     With scientists and pediatrics in agreement with the president, there should be little hesitation to reopen schools.  It is clear from their findings that children will be safer and better educated in person this fall.

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