The American economy has continued to recover at historic rates under the Trump Administration- a feat the Left continues to deny. Just this past month, the US unemployment rate dropped to 7.9%  Also in that time, an estimated 661,000 jobs were added to the workforce.  In recent debates both Biden and Harris have made desperate attempts to sabotage the record of Trump’s ever growing economy.  But the stats don’t lie, American productivity is coming back in a big way.

     In just 5 months after recession hit, the Trump Administration  oversaw the recovery of over eleven million jobs.  An economic recovery in the Obama-Biden Administration took over two years to accomplish a similar goal in 2009.  It was reported that the Obama-Biden recession recovery was the slowest economic growth seen in America since WWII. 

     Even with this terrible track record, Biden still suggests his economy as president will be superior to Trump’s.  This is an impossible promise, as his environmental policies and tax hikes will be detrimental to working Americans.  The Biden campaign estimates that they will raise 4 trillion in taxpayer dollars.  As the economy is still recovering and businesses are rebuilding- a massive tax hike will hinder any comeback to continue.

     To let this rebuild continue, President Trump has vowed to never shut down the economy again.  Understanding now that covid-19 is less lethal than expected, the president emphasized that Americans must not worry about losing their businesses again.  This statement came after Joe Biden said he is prepared to close the economy as president.  A decision we cannot afford and would put all American families at risk.  With a covid-19 vaccine nearly released and known therapeutic treatments available- shutting down the economy a second time would be devastating.

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