When coronavirus entered the United States, the left-wing media created a frenzy among Americans.  The White House countered this with straightforward solutions to end the crisis. In just a week, the Trump administration set forth a comprehensive plan to curb the virus’ spread.  The President has found solutions on several fronts. To protect and reassure Americans, the Trump Administration has communicated critical information about the virus and the Executive’s plan against it.

     In addition to keeping the public informed, the President declared a national state of emergency.  With this action, states and territories are able to access billions of dollars for support. While providing funding, the President has also created a Coronavirus Task Force and approved declarations of disaster.  

     Furthermore, President Trump enacted several travel bans. Restricting international travel prevents more infected individuals from spreading the virus stateside. The president also acted quickly to close our borders with Canada and Mexico. While people are still flying across the United State, they are screened for symptoms and required to enter quarantine if necessary.  

     In order to sustain individuals and businesses through this time, the President has approved of several acts. Tax day was moved to July 15th and tax credits will be available for affected businesses. Widespread flexibility and funding were granted for government programs. Meals will be made available for students affected by schools closing. Interest has been paused on student loans, and small businesses will have access to disaster loans.  

     A crucial part of President Trump’s plan is to strengthen healthcare across the nation. Testing kits for the disease have been made free and widely available. With help from the private sector, individuals are able to be tested and receive a diagnosis quickly. Through the Defense Production Act- respirator masks and ventilators will be provided to hospitals in need. Additionally, vaccine and therapeutic solutions will be accelerated with the support of the administration. While a vaccine begins clinical trials, existing drugs will be allowed to be used as therapeutics.

All these plans and more have rapidly been put into action. The Trump Administration’s battle against coronavirus will save Americans from the heightened distress seen abroad. With Trump’s swift action and effective measures; the curve of coronavirus’ rate will be flattened.

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