The cities, St. Paul and Bloomington, are under fire for disregarding the petitions from their citizens about garbage collection.

Thousands St. Paul citizens signed a petition to vote on the way their trash would be collected, and the city illegally threw the petition out. Minnesotans from Bloomington are in a similar situation. They too tried to have their voice heard on the way they want their trash collected. They were disregarded.

These voices were stifled. But, now the matters have gone to the State supreme court. The court has already sided with the citizens of Bloomington, and we will likely see garbage collection on the ballot this fall for both Bloomington and St. Paul.

The cities could vote for government regulated garbage collection, or for individual choice, but either way, they deserve the right to vote on it.

Citizens using voices were being ignored. The beauty of America is having a say in how your life is governed. The citizens of Bloomington and St. Paul tried to do just that and their city councils tried to ignore them.

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