With the coronavirus outbreak, the Trump Administration has continuously supported the people of Minnesota.  The administration has federally supported local initiatives by providing life saving healthcare equipment, historic economic relief, and wide spread virus testing.  Eleven federal agencies have provided unprecedented resources, guidance, and flexibility for  the state.

     On March 13th, President Trump declared a nation wide state of emergency.  This decree allowed states like Minnesota access to the federal government’s temporary facilities and healthcare commodities.  Next, Governor Walz’s order for a state of major disaster was approved- allowing FEMA to aid victims in Minnesota.  By March 27th, the president signed the CARES Act into law.  The act provided historic economic relief to individuals and businesses across the country.  The two trillion dollar relief package has provided fast relief to Americans in dire situations and aided businesses in staying open. 

     In addition to economic relief, FEMA and the Department of Health and Human Services managed to distribute key resources throughout Minnesota.  The agencies along with private businesses managed to create and use items like ventilators and millions of personal protective equipment.  Masks, face shields, gowns, and gloves were distributed in Minnesota on behalf of the administration’s Project Air Bridge. 

     Individuals, hospitals, and small businesses have all received economic support from the federal government.  The US Treasury has devised funds to over 80 million eligible Americans including social security recipients and veterans.  As a part of the CARES Act, $472.2 million dollars were allocated to Minnesotan medical providers.  The Small Business Bureau has issued $9 billion in loans to over 46,000 businesses.  Moreover, the state of Minnesota has been allocated $1.1 billion in response to the shutdowns. 

     The Department of Housing and Urban Development has provided $53.4 M in funding available to Minnesota through the CARES Act.  Beginning April 1, the department created the requirement to provide up to one year of payment forbearance for FHA single-family borrowers in Minnesota who are experiencing financial hardship due to covid-19.  The Department of Labor has expanded paid sick, family, and medical leave for workers.  The Department of Labor has also given $9.8 M in emergency unemployment insurance grants to Minnesotans.  

     On March 2nd, the  Department of Education suspended Federal student loan payments which could help up to 731,000 direct loan borrowers in Minnesota.  Additionally, they provided $91.9 M to support post secondary education students in Minnesota.

     The Department of Agriculture’s Coronavirus Food Assistance Program is planned to assist farmers and consumers in response to covid-19. This program will provide $16 billion  in support of losses for farmers and $3 billion in purchases of food from local farmers. The Department of Transportation has directed $309.7 million to aid public transportation systems. $158.3 million from the Aviation Administration will fund airports of Minnesota. The VA has $19.6 B for hiring new staff and collecting resources to manage new needs from coronavirus. The State Department has overseen a historic global mission to repatriate thousands of Americans from overseas.  Since April 15, 70,000 Americans have been brought back home, many Minnesotans included.

     The leadership of the Trump Administration has been critical in protecting and maintaining the livelihood of Americans.  Despite the rampant fake news which seeks to degrade the administration’s plans- it’s indisputable that the White House has utilized all resources to aid the whole of America.

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