Kendall Qualls is on the rise as he qualifies for the National Republican Congressional Committee’s highest level in the Young Guns program.

As Qualls marches on in his campaign for Congress, he has shown high ambition, outstanding goals, and worked hard to establish a path to victory. This has qualified him for the NRCC’s highest rank and puts him in great standing to potentially receive the party nomination.

Qualls is set to take down Democrat Dean Phillips. Recently Qualls has pointed out the extreme lies and short-comings in Phillip’s campaign and time on the hill. These critiques highlight the devastating lack of transparency that was promised by Phillips during his campaign.

Most recently, Phillips supported and attended closed-door basement meetings that discussed impeaching President Trump. This is not the honest and upstanding behavior promised by Phillips in his campaign.

Qualls has also been quick to criticize Phillips for not distancing himself from Minnesota Democrat and known anti-Semite, Ilhan Omar. Qualls’ questioning of Phillips’s time in office highlights the deep-rooted deceit of the democrat party. Phillips promised transparency, but standing on the same side as an anti-semite and is partaking in secret impeachment meetings. These are not the actions of a man who is for the people, but one of a man who is for himself.

It is time for this Democrat deceit to end. Phillips must fall, and Kendall Qualls is working to make sure it happens.

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