Left wing Media Outlets have jumped to discuss the ‘mostly peaceful’ protests across America.  However the ‘peaceful’ protests they speak of are riled with violence and crime.  It is a wonderful civil liberty to protest peacefully, but these riots do not fall under that category.  The mainstream media refuses to recognize that looting small businesses and terrorizing law enforcement is wrong.

     Outlets like CNN and MSNBC have downplayed the uptick in violence and domestic terrorism since the George Floyd riots.  Repeatedly, leftist news states that these riots are good and necessary for America.  They do not care about the dramatically increased murder rates associated with civil unrest.  Nor the millions of dollars in property damage and destroyed businesses real people must rebuild. 

     In Rolling Stones Article, “9 Historical Triumphs to Make You Rethink Property Destruction” Authors Jesse A. Myerson and Jose Martin argue why “Flag-burning and property destruction are part of a long, proud history”.  Articles like this which promote violence only deepen the severe political divisions within America.  Instead of improving our nation, we will fall apart if such polarization continues.   

     Concerned families and business owners have called for a revival of law and order.  Luckily that is exactly what Conservatives have fought for in affected areas.  Americans will not be fooled by the radical left’s coverage of violent riots.  The mainstream media is losing its credibility by promoting such absurd rhetoric.

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