You’re expected to use your photo ID for several ordinary activities like buying a bottle of wine or getting on an airplane.  Validating your identity and ensuring other’s well being is just a matter of pulling out your wallet. Wanting a voter ID requirement at your local polling station is just as sensical if not more important. Minnesota’s Democratic senators would beg to differ.  For several years, Senate Democrats have blocked passing Voter ID bills.  

Despite the left’s efforts to block common-sense legislation, Senate Republicans remain determined to uphold the integrity of our democracy.  Why would Democratic politicians be in favor of voter ID laws? A history of statements and platform policies shows that the left deems voter ID requirements as discriminatory.  They believe the law would disproportionately affect minorities. Racial minorities, women, the elderly, and low-income voters would be disadvantaged at the polls. In reality, it is the senators who reject voter ID that are acting prejudiced.  The left unabashedly expects so little from minority voters. It should be unquestioned that gender and race don’t affect one’s ability to register for government identification. Their viewpoint is offensive and demeaning to these groups. All able citizens have the capability of attaining an ID and presenting it to vote.  

The right seeks to emplace a voting standard that would benefit all involved.  Voter ID would ensure the expected democratic integrity of going to the polls. The bill does not serve to benefit one party or any ulterior agenda.  It simply secures that your vote will count the same as any other individual’s. The left’s argument against doing so is not only trivial but prejudiced.  We should expect more from our representatives. If you want to see a voter ID bill passed in Minnesota, help make it happen. Contact your senator today!

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