Under the Trump administration, the United States has seen its greatest comeback yet. With the unprecedented coronavirus crisis- the American economy was projected to lose 7.5 million jobs this May.  Instead, over 2.5 million were added. This is record breaking job growth for America. 

     Additionally, experts foresaw unemployment to rise to 20%.  As of this spring, the rate fell from 14.7 to 13.3 percent.  The vast majority of laid off workers have been  rehired.  This recovery was able to occur due to Trump’s Open Up America Again guidelines.  The Trump Administration will continue to implement economic growth policies as America moves past covid-19 regulations.  Part of the President’s plan is to increase access to disaster loans for small businesses.  They will also have expedited access to government relief programs. 

     Before the coronavirus crisis, America was experiencing one of its best economic periods to date.  The President ensures, “We’re going to be back there. I think we’re going to actually be back higher next year than ever before. And the only thing that can stop us is bad policy.”  

     Another way the American economy is getting back on track is through changes to the PPP.  The Paycheck Protection Program has already saved tens of millions of jobs.  As of June, President Trump signed legislation to improve the PPP’s function.  These changes will especially help restaurants, hotels, and other industries hit hardest by shutdowns.  

   Despite Democratic leadership trying to maintain state shutdowns, the Trump Administration responded to the people’s plea to return to work.

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