In the three weeks since President Trump declared a state of national emergency, he has shown decisive leadership for the American people.  With bipartisan cooperation and expedited action, the Trump Administration has managed to minimize the damaging effects of the coronavirus and protect American lives.

     In order to curtail the outbreak’s intensity, President Trump initiated action by utilizing a wealth of American resources.  Both private and public sectors have been called to combat the virus outbreak. By acting early, the United States gained an advantage over the virus.  In the private sector, a plethora of businesses have responded by creating medical equipment and supplies. Businesses like Ford and SpaceX are producing ventilators.  Meanwhile, textile companies like My Pillow would convert production into making face masks. Furthermore, President Trump is utilizing the Defense Production Act to increase medical supply production from private companies. 

     In addition to ramping up private production, the Trump Administration has dramatically increased COVID-19 testing kits.  Over 900,00 tests have been administered thus far. The testing systems have already been revolutionized in the few weeks they have been needed.  Tests that once required a few days to provide diagnostic results now take five minutes. The FDA recently approved of this fast-acting test created by Abbott Labs.

     The virus has not proportionally affected the nation.  In order to aid Americans in cities most affected, President Trump declared states of major disaster.  In New York, the outbreak’s epicenter- the president sent Navy hospital ships, ordered the creation of temporary hospitals, and supply of ventilators.  In addition, FEMA is now flying medical supplies to areas of most need in Project Airbridge. 

     To further aid Americans in this unprecedented time, the Trump Administration oversaw the passing of the CARES Act.  By signing the act into action, families, businesses, and workers were given relief and hope to persevere. In response, the American people have shown their approval of the president’s plans.  According to Gallup, 60% of the American public approves of his actions. It’s clear that in spite of the coronavirus crisis, President Trump has worked to put the American people first.  

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