For the fifth consecutive year, Minnesota has seen a drop in our students’ testing scores in math and reading. Minnesota sends over $600 million dollars into the schools, and even with a certain portion of that money being forced to go towards strategies to help underachieving students, we are not getting results.

With these test scores dropping and very little being done to decrease the achievement gap with minority students it forces us to wonder why we are dumping money into such a broken system. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz says that disparities in test scores come from geography race and economic status and that these obstacles hold back not only the individuals but the state as a whole.

Year after year the Minnesota government uses our tax money to hopefully improve the education system. The facts show that these improvements just are not happening. We need education reform. If, as Walz says, there are things that are fundamentally holding students back from being successful, we should do all we can to change those things. Options like school choice would allow students to overcome geographical issues and other obstacles impeding them from being successful. This is just one solution of many to improve the broken system.

 Walz needs to step up and fight for MN students. No matter race, zip code, or socioeconomic status, our students deserve the chance at academic success. We deserve and demand a better education system.

We cannot keep dumping money into a broken system. We need to put an end to the broken system and the wasteful spending of our money. It is time for Gov Walz to step up, put his progressive agenda aside, and take care of Minnesota.

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