After years of Tina Smith is not helping MN someone Jason Lewis has stepped up to fight for Minnesotans in the US Senate.

Tina Smith has not kept Minnesota as a priority. During her time in Washington, taxes increased, and health care and tuition skyrocketed. Smith pushed a progressive environmental agenda that hurt local farmers. She tried to repeal bills that helped Minnesotan small business owners and supported taxes and limitations on internet providers that are essential to successful business throughout the state. Tina Smith’s work speaks for itself; she does not have Minnesotan’s best interest in mind. 

To add to her selfish behavior, Smith did not speak out against the monstrosity that is the Green New Deal, nor the anti-semite Ilhan Omar. Tina Smith took no steps to distance herself from the radical and progressive behavior of the Democrat Party and as a consequence, she distanced herself from Minnesotans, the very people she is supposed to represent. 

It is time for terrible Tina to leave Washington. She needs to be replaced by someone who will have Minnesota as their priority. Jason Lewis has come forward as a man ready to take on the job. During his time serving in Congress, Lewis has proved to be loyal to his state. He has advocated for tax reform and fought for the rights of every Minnesotan. It is time to replace Tina, and Lewis is the man for the job!

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