The majority of Americans believe the policing of their community is done at an adequate level.  According to a Gallup survey, regardless of race, 67% of Americans support the police.  A finding not reported by the mainstream media is that 81% of Blacks would prefer police to spend more time in their neighborhoods.  These results go to show the people are not being heard by radical politicians. 

     With only a small part of the population in favor of defunding the police, left wing politicians quickly jumped at the idea.  With motions to defund police across the nation,  several Democratically- lead cities have begun to face the consequences.  With the tragedy of the George Floyd case, the role of police officers was brought into question.  Distrust was fueled by Black Lives Matter and radical politicians like those of the Minneapolis City Council.  However their mission to abolish the police was only based on a few findings of negligent officers.  They refuse to acknowledge the countless lives Police protect every day. 

     This is why Americans, notably Black Americans do not wish to see police defunded.  Leftists have hijacked the narrative of America’s police force, leaving little room for the possibility of reform.  Improving our police departments and reforming underperforming ones- should be something all Americans could stand behind.  However, this idea is near impossible to do when funding is slashed.

     If recent events of increased crime show anything- it is that we need a stable police presence in major cities.  Radicals have stood in opposition to the police with no better replacement in mind.  A solution to improved public safety is well funded, well trained police. 


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