Since Minneapolis’ police were defunded, police departments nationwide have been urged to close by leftists.  Radicals like Ilhan Omar are not interested in reforming our police.  They wish to see them gone.  On behalf of public safety and ensuring order- we must support our police during this tumultuous time.  To abolish more police departments would just put more Americans in danger. 

     In Minneapolis alone, over 500 businesses were damaged by rioters.  Many of them no longer stand.  Tens of millions of dollars in damage was wreaked upon the city.  Minneapolis is a city which had pre-existing public safety issues; removing the police will not help resolve them.

     Our representatives must weigh in on this issue.  We the people ought to voice our concerns to our politicians while these changes begin.  One can still be in favor of reforms while supporting our police.  Justice will be found for individuals like George Floyd while preserving our law enforcement system. These are the public servants we rely on to help keep law and order.

     Ilhan Omar has been outspoken on the issue and claims that “You can’t really reform a department that is rotten to the root”.  The idea that Minnesota’s police are entirely corrupted or unable to reform is ludicrous.  Meanwhile other representatives like Tina Smith have remained silent on the issue.  Their silence is a stance in solidarity with radicals like Omar.  

     You can aid our police by contacting your representatives.  Click the link below to tell your senators and state representatives to support our police departments! 

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