Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota’s 3rd Congressional district and Representative Collin Peterson of Minnesota’s 7th Congressional district side with Pelosi, despite the harm it may cause to Minnesotans. Phillips and Peterson have granted amnesty to those with a history of gang membership, gun-related charges, and DUI convictions, by passing H.R. 6.

Phillips and Peterson are actively working against President Trump’s efforts on the Southern Border. They stand with Pelosi, and against Trump, not caring if they put their constituents in harm’s way.

Phillips tried to trick his constituents by mischaracterizing the bill and hiding the dangerous parts contained inside it. He stated, “The bill gives a pathway to permanent resident status for DED and TPS holders who have been in the United States for three years and do not have any felony convictions or more than one misdemeanor.”

This statement is nothing short of a lie. In reality, the language of the bill allows criminals sentenced to under ten years, or that have had less than three state or federal convictions, to be given amnesty. Phillips is lying to his state.

Meanwhile, Peterson does not care enough about his constituents to even comment on the matter. Neither Peterson nor Phillips cares enough about Minnesotans to tell us the real truth of the bill they passed. They have put us in danger by passing this bill, and they cannot manage to tell us the truth about it.

These Democrats are putting Minnesotans at risk just to stay in the good graces of Nancy Pelosi. They have put their agenda ahead of our well being. It is sickening to see this kind of selfishness from our representatives.

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