The left hasn’t used logic in a long time, but the progressives of Minnesota are hosting an illogical event that is the beginning of a dark downhill slope, that will drive Minnesotans apart, literally! The left is segregated Minnesota.

The City of Minneapolis has scheduled a series of “Sacred Conversations” with their staff. The series is titled “400 Years of Resistance and Liberation. Remembering, Recovering, Reimagining,” and it is in honor of the 400-year anniversary of African American slaves being brought to Jamestown Virginia for the first time. The details of this event are painstakingly idiotic.

The craziness starts in hosting this event, to begin with. There is seemingly no correlation between this instance of slaves coming to Virginia and to the City of Minneapolis. Minnesota had just become a state when the civil war started, and we fought for the Union. Minnesota does not have strong ties to the “African people being brought to Jamestown, VA”, as it had never been a slave state nor segregated before. This whole celebration is just another opportunity for the left to guilt Minnesotans for something we had no part in.

If the event wasn’t dumb enough, they segregated the meetings. With the “Black Bodied staff” meeting in one place and the “White bodied Staff” in another. Besides the blatant segregation of races, there are many things to pick apart. For starters, where are the citizens, who are not “black bodied” or “white bodied” supposed to go? They have completely left out some of our fellow Minnesotans. Also, if these meetings are to gain, “a better understanding of our role as City staff”, what purpose does racial segregation have in these meetings? What is the point in separating by race for this event? Hey Minneapolis, your racist is showing!

If we back up and look at this event as a whole, we can see more horrid tactics from the left. The way they are going about remembering this anniversary is with “Sacred Conversations”. Sacred means religious, and tied to a deity. Titling this event “Sacred” embodies the left’s idea that race is above all. It is another example of the left pulling the race card and it spreads identity politics, enslaving individuals into the left’s way of thought.

The liberals of Minnesota have completely lost it. They have been using race as a bargaining token, and weight of guilt for many, many years, and it is ridiculous! They have started segregating our state. It is of the utmost priority that we keep this racist way of thought out of our government. We must use our votes in 2020 to get rid of this racist insanity!

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