Leading Democrats have allowed the city of Minneapolis to devolve into turmoil.  Minneapolis residents are fearful for their community’s safety.  Violence, shootings, and disturbances are on the rise while the left works to disband the city’s police.  

     Members of the Minneapolis City Council have hypocritically hired their own private security while defunding city police.  These officials have had the luxury to pay $4,500 a day at the cost of the city’s economic resources.  These officials stay protected while citizens have to deal with riots, gun shots, and exploding fireworks in their streets.  Some residents have decided that with no active policing, they are free to commit felonies.  Over 1,600 accounts of gun fire have been reported this past month.

     While the left idles and fails to promote public safety, President Trump has once more called for a reckoning of law and order.  The people of Minneapolis anticipate their leaders to return order to their city.  In a CNN interview, Council President Lisa Bender was asked how citizens will be protected amidst the shootings and violence.  In response, Bender stated that “we [the council] don’t have all the answers”.  

     Not only have the progressive council members dismantle law and order, they also seek to abandon the second amendment and make peace with gang leadersThis unacceptable leadership must be brought into question.  We must demand our representatives to protect the people of Minnesota and the great city of Minneapolis.  Our representatives must speak out on this public safety crisis.  

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