Minnesota Democrats have threatened the integrity of our elections with the pursuit to redesign our election system.  Just months before the 2020 presidential election, Democrats have sought to exchange in person voting with mail in ballots.  Republicans are now fighting against the mass use of mail in ballots to prevent voter fraud. We must tell our legislators to defend the electoral system. 

     In the case, LaRose v Simon, a coalition of left wing organizations have argued that mail-in ballot allowances are too restrictive.  On behalf of coronavirus containment, these restrictions should be repealed.  The RNC has now intervened in the case to protect our election day.  This is not the first incident of leftist attempts at weakening our elections.  The RNC and Republican Party of Minnesota have intervened in two other lawsuits this spring to defend common-sense voting laws.

     RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel states, “Democrats continue to try to redesign our entire election system mere months before November to fit their partisan agenda. We have an Election Day for a reason. A system that allows for troves of late-arriving ballots is ripe for fraud and weeks of prolonged litigation, and that does nothing but undermine Americans’ confidence in our elections.”

     Threatening the integrity of elections is nothing new for Democrats.  Since 2016, leftists have tried to convince Americans that the elections were corrupted when Donald Trump became president.  Now they hope to keep polling stations closed, which will inevitably produce higher voting fraud rates.  Democrats cannot keep their position of power the honest way, so they have turned to undermining our democracy. 

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