The Trump Administration’s Operation Warp Speed is the nationwide initiative to create a covid-19 vaccine.  The operation has already invested in 6 potential vaccine solutions and intends to add 8 more.  The mission’s success however has come under great attack from the left.  Joe Biden and the mainstream media have once again spread misinformation of the President’s plans.

     The operation is working to distribute over 300 million vaccines to Americans by early 2021.  This will be an extraordinary feat accomplished by the Trump Administration and several private health companies.  Chief advisor of the operation, Moncef Saloui expects the coronavirus vaccine’s efficiency rates to be “in the 90%”range.  Experts have agreed that the operation will also increase American’s odds of having early access to vaccinations. 

     By this September, five vaccines will already be in phase 3, or clinical trials.  With the virus only being discovered six months ago, this will be a record breaking discovery.  However, Joe Biden and leftist pundits have been quick to criticize Operation Warp Speed.  Despite the validation of health experts, Joe Biden doubts the success of a coronavirus vaccine being “real”.  Additionally, he doubts that the vaccines will be distributed in an equitable fashion.  

     Remarks like this are irresponsible and dangerous for the health of Americans.  The left has already politicized the use of hydroxychloroquine and zinc.  Democrat’s have disdain for the drug simply because President Trump promoted its efficacy early on.  Now with a vaccine on the horizon, Democrats continue to instill distrust into the administration’s solutions. 

     The vaccine’s safety has been assured by Dr. Faucci, the NIH Director, and the FDA Chief.  This is a testimony to American success and ingenuity.  It is baffling to see leftists politicize this feat and endanger Americans in the process.  

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