President Trump announced that the United States will formally cut ties with the World Health Organization.  This decision comes after months of collusion between the WHO and the communist Chinese government.  The WHO and China took precautionary steps to cover up covid-19’s origin and spread misinformation.  As a result, half of a million people have died of covid-19 world wide. 

     The withdrawal decision was formally delivered to the United Nations’ Secretary General this week.  The withdrawal requires a one year’s notice, and will take effect July 2021.  This means the decision may be reversed during that time.  In response to Trump’s actions, Democratic nominee Joe Biden has promised that the US will  rejoin the WHO in 2021.  Biden claims that he will reverse Trump’s withdrawal during his first day in office.  Despite the abundantly clear ties between the WHO and China, Beijing Biden remains unbothered.  

     Before WHO’s international experts began investigating covid-19 in China, they exclusively relayed information from the Chinese government.  This information was misleading and gave false infection rates.  On January 22nd, WHO director general, Tedros Adhanom met with President Xi Jinping in Beijing.  Even after the meeting, Adhanom and the WHO still denied that covid was an international health emergency. 

     The attempted cover up of the virus happened after doctors and Chinese citizens revealed the true nature of the disease to the world.  Many of these whistleblowers have since disappeared.  Additionally, the nation of Taiwan warned the WHO of covid’s dangerous and infectious nature before the global spread.  Taiwan is not a part of the WHO, because China prevents their entry.  Subsequently, their warnings were not taken seriously.  

     In order to prioritize American’s safety, the United States will no longer fund or operate with the WHO.  Their collaboration with China is undismissable.  Their dishonesty surrounding covid-19 resulted in higher levels of the virus’ unpredictability.

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