Joe Biden appears to have made one of the worst VP decisions for his campaign.  Biden’s already sleepy campaign nominated Kamala Harris as running mate.  Harris previously failed to gain any traction amongst Democrats in the primary.  This comes as great news for the Trump re-election campaign.  President Trump announced Biden-Harris as the “kind of opponent everyone dreams of”. 

     Unwilling to debate the president or make many in-person appearances, Biden’s campaign doesn’t come off as confident.  Updated polls reveal that Biden’s lead over Trump is now shrinking.  This also comes with news that Biden supporters are reportedly not enthused to vote.  Americans are not blind to Biden’s 40 year old track record in politics, and it appears to haunt his current campaign. 

     Once highly critical of Biden’s past, Kamala Harris has had a great change of attitude towards Biden.  Not long ago, Harris called Joe Biden out for being a racist and having poor policies regarding race.  Now, despite Biden’s recent ignorant remarks on Black voters, Kamala remains silent.  Unable to refute Biden’s unoptical statements, she has proven herself to be just as malleable as Biden. 

     Biden and Harris have assumed radical policies simply because they are popular talking points.  Harris- a former district attorney appears to have completely changed her attitude towards criminal justice.  Biden- once a proud supporter of America’s servicemen and women also has had a change of mind.  The two have only recently decided that the military and police need to be diminished.  What really stands out about Biden-Harris’ new policies are their ability to swiftly change .  The team wishes to take America to the far left- a position most Americans do not actually want.  Biden’s campaign based on extreme progressivism does not sit well with the majority of Americans.  Now running with a weak choice for VP candidate, Biden’s chance of success seem tight.

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