Collin Peterson is supposed to be looking out for a better America and a better MN

Instead of doing this, he is supporting the childish tantrums of the left.

Peterson continues to stand behind irrational democrats like Speaker Nancy. Pelosi has received Peterson’s support for a while.

After President Trump delivered the state of the union address, speaker Pelosi physically tore up his speech.

This moment of tantrum was more than a lapse in judgment, while in the public eye from Pelosi but a deliberate act that she found to be appropriate.

Her fellow Democrats acted in a similarly childish way while the speech was delivered. 

They refused to show support for some basic great American goods and Peterson is not only their colleague but also acted in this way.

Not supporting basic American goods like record low unemployment, the great economy, a heartwarming military homecoming, and the rightful honoring of American hero’s is ridiculous.

How can Peterson continue to back such blatant unprofessionalism and anti-American behavior?

He obviously cannot be trusted to put the best interest of his American people first. It needs to end, he needs to stop this behavior, and we need to stop letting him act this way.

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