Democrat Congressman Collin Peterson has been doomed to face the consequences for his time in office for a while now. After losing endorsement from National Right to Life, he is one step closer to those consequences. 

Peterson promised to vote for pro-life, but that promise did not last long once he was in Washington. Peterson did not vote pro-life. He went so far as to vote against President Trump’s policy that would protect taxpayers’ money from being used to pay for abortions. The National Right to Life has criticized his actions and votes, and no longer endorse him. They do not endorse him, and neither should the rest of Minnesota. 

Peterson is breaking his promises. He is putting his people behind him and voting to benefit his party and himself. If he is willing to let our money pay for the death of our children, what else is he willing to do? The National Right to Life is calling him out for his dishonesty, and it is time for him to be replaced.

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