The left’s idea of feminism is a lie. Their modern Feminism claims to fight for equal treatment of women while standing in streets half naked yelling. This type of feminism might call for the equal treatment of women, but in reality, it wants women to change to fit the system, not change the system to embrace our differences. In their idea of feminism, they encourage women to rid themselves of what makes them women. They encourage us to forget our feminity

It is a lie to women. Encouraging women to go into male dominant workforces, and telling them to work hard within the system, within the man’s world, and get to the top, is not breaking glass ceilings. Rather, it is just working within a preset model, aiming to make it to the top of a male-dominated area.

True feminism, is encouraging companies to change the way they look at women in the work force. It encourages companies to support women in business by making changes to things like maternity leave. The leftist modern feminist would say, instead of changing the companies, do whatever it takes to not have to take maternity leave. That is not creating equal circumstances for women It is telling women to survive by sacrificing natural desires. It is not anti-woman to put your career aside or pause it, because you want a family, as the left would like you to believe. Rather it is the fulfillment of a natural instinct. Women must be advocates for our needs by creating and encouraging an environment that welcomes the differences that women bring to the table.

Modern Feminism throws a fit, demanding women become more like men, and it is no friend to women.

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