Do you think the traffic from your commute getting worse? Well, you are right, yes, it actually more congested than before.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation released its annual report this week confirming what hardworking Minnesotans know: Traffic congestion bad, and it is only getting worse.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation is to blame for your slow commute, as it was released that they actively pursue policies that make traffic worse. They do this in hopes to convince people to take other forms of transportation.

They are pushing their Democrat agenda and are not looking out for Minnesotans. It is insane that these Democrats are willing to add stress and chaos to Minnesotans lives in hopes that they would consider using different forms of transit.

Ultimately pushing these policies just makes people upset, and makes it harder for working people to make it to their jobs and provide for their families. 

This selfishness is absurd, and cannot continue.

Sign this petition to let the Minnesota Department of Transit know you will not stand for their selfish policies and this obvious government waste. They need to put Minnesota first!

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