MN millionaire Rob Undersander qualified for food stamps. He brought his discovery to the Capitol where Democrats tried to arrest him.

In Minnesota Food Stamp eligibility is based on income only, other states are based on ascending levels of income and assets.

Since Undersander and his wife are both retired, they are taking in very little income. Intrigued by the simple requirements, Undersander decided to give it a shot and apply. He was shocked when he qualified.

Undersander brought his shocking discovery to his representative, Republican Jeff Howe. Howe worked to get a hearing. Once they got a hearing, it was ugly. Instead of trying to close the loopholes Undersander exposed, Democrats attacked him, and tried to send him to jail. Underander broke no rules, the Minnesota Food Stamp Program is just so horribly set up, almost anyone can qualify.

Undersander did MN a favor by exposing the faults in the system, and yet, Democrats attacked him for it.

Democrats simply don’t care about improving Minnesota. They are so invested in their own corruption they tried to attack Mr. Undersander and send him to jail, instead of fixing the system.  Democrats are not good for Minnesotans.

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